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Universal Flow – Leadership and Communication

Online Webinar Course

Prerequisites: None - open to all

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Universal Flow – Leadership and Communication

Every Coherence Event is filled with Phoenix Inspirations and Insights guaranteed to open new doors of understanding within you. Participants in these webinars are experiencing their practice of mastery increasing with greater effectiveness and many report being more present with new abilities as they co-create their most enlightened life. You are invited to join us to share in building a new consciousness collectively and individually!

“I am able to do the things I had only dreamed of doing …”

“My follow through is improving day by day …”

“I am co-creating my most enlightened life!”

I encourage you to feel the energy patterns of support we have already created. I hope you will join us as we answer the call of working together as vibrational catalysts in these evolutionary times.

Course Details

Universal Flow – Leadership and Communication (Recorded)

Duration: 4.5 hours (1.5 hours each part)

In these times of change Leadership and Communication completes the Universal Flow series with a focus on communication and financial flow by opening to and exploring the new energetic patterns of leadership.

Choose to live, love, work, play and rest in the consciousness of knowing “I am an Infinite Being” and honor the Creative Presence you are. Create new patterns to energize your life, your new plan of possibilities, and yourself!!

This three part webinar offers a powerful coherence with like hearted individuals dedicated to transformation and the full expression of who they are now and who they are becoming.

Included is a private Facebook page to meet and support each other in your “lifework” practice and beyond.

Tuition: $133.00 – Includes all three parts


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