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Relationships – Live Love Laugh Energetically Aware!

Online Webinar Course

Prerequisites: None - open to all

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Lifestyle of the Energetically Aware! Learn it, live it, facilitate it, teach it.

Who are you and what makes you happy? What are your daily patterns and how do you energetically change those patterns to more fully live the life of your choice? How do you follow through to complete your intentions and effectively live in compassionate action? How do you evolve as you tend to the daily tasks of your life?

Everyday Energetics Institute

The Everyday Energetics Institute serves to educate and support the evolving lifestyles of the energetically aware. People from all walks of life know what it means to live a life of mindfulness and making conscious choices. Now is the time to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the energy patterns contained within our daily routines. We can transform these energy patterns to improve and fulfill the quality and meaning of our lives!

In all of the Everyday Energetics Institute programs there will be two phases. We will begin with ourselves; together we will create a coherence of support as we learn how to recognize any old energy patterns that no longer serve us in our evolution. Using simple and specific methods we will transform the old patterns into new energy patterns of support to accomplish what we choose. This is the Learn It phase.

Then we will practice what we learn – we will remain in conscious connection with one another in energetic support, a time of empowering the practical use of our new abilities. This is the Live It phase.

There will also be advanced courses with two more phases for those who wish to help others help themselves with these new tools. You will learn to be an in person or online facilitator. I believe more and more people will become interested in learning how to wisely manage their most precious resource, their personal energy. This is the Facilitate It phase.

You know I see us all as teachers and students, so of course there will be programs to teach others how to facilitate this new work. The teachers program will take time to develop; this is the Teach It phase.

I look forward to our new foundations we will create together and to continue on our path of evolution individually and collectively. See you soon, I do love us!

Infinite Love always,


Course Details

Relationships – Live Love Laugh Energetically Aware! (Recorded)

Duration: 4.5 hours (90 minutes each part)

From the Everyday Energetics Institute, once again we will create another 22 day cycle, a coherence event where each one of you will practice being a vibrational catalyst!

We will redefine and express what it means to love yourself and others in the new energy. Open to the flow of love in daily life and let the details of living in love follow as you define what love is to you.

Continue to discover the energy patterns of support as you refine and define the co-creation of healthy, balanced, loving relationships in all areas of your life.

Observing and following the energy patterns of love, we will co create alignments to support new awareness and expressions in the energy of Infinite Love.

Included is a private Facebook page to meet and support each other in your “lifework” practice and beyond.

Tuition: $133.00 – Includes all three segments


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