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"The Sacred Attributes of EMF"

Live Kryon Channelling
Sedona, Arizona
June 19, 2008
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

This live channelling was given at the EMF Worldwide Conference in Sedona, AZ, USA June 19, 2008.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

The hearts of those here are receptive. There are shades of belief and disbelief, but it is appropriate and no different than you would find in most Humanity. I tell you this because it changes the energy in the room. There are those who would still wonder if this channelling is true, and if this is accurate and real. Many of you have the ability now to discern this. So we begin this very message asking for discernment, for it will be required.

Feel the energy of this moment while the entourage pours into this place in support. For I speak now to those who have the gift… the gift of an open heart. These are the ones who are ready to help Humanity with the shift before us. Because this is your consciousness, you also have the gift of discernment. I sit in front of those who can see the colors on the stage. I sit in front of those who even have the ability to see the figure to my partner’s left. We seldom speak of this but we do now because it is appropriate for this group.

Everything that follows from here forward is accurate and true. I’m about to give you some instructions. Listen to me: This particular message is to be transcribed. Listen to me: This particular message is to find its way into the EMF Balancing Technique instruction books. The teacher, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, will have no problems with that. This particular message itemizes the “Admonitions of EMF,” and they are given from a source that is not from EMF. For my partner is not involved in the process. He is not an EMF teacher, and has never had any training or sessions. However, the information of EMF comes from the same source as the Kryon. It is more than intuition. It is directly developed in a straight line with Spirit.

We start with a metaphor. Many of you know about laser light. Laser light is a synchronous light. That is to say, it all goes in the same direction and works together. There is no diffusing of the light as it travels along a time line. So synchronous is it, that a pencil-thin point of light can travel thousands of miles and still be pencil thin. That is because it is pure and it is in focus. You could send a laser light to the moon and have it be almost the same size when it got there, as when it left the earth. It does not expand much with distance. If nothing is in its way, there is no diffusion.

Think for a moment of this EMF work we speak of as laser light. It comes from the source, which is Spirit, through a clear channel of which is the teacher, Peggy. This light is then passed to the teachers without diffusion. The teachers then take it and pass it to Humanity without diffusion. Therefore, the final one who receives it for themselves, receives it in the same focus in which it was developed by the teacher, Peggy.

In these teaching steps I have mentioned, there is opportunity for potential diffusion, and that is why it is so carefully given. That is why there is such integrity in the delivery of the information. That’s why it has taken so long: to keep it pure, not diffused, and in focus. Therefore it will be received by the individual Human Being in the same exact way that it was developed.

Let me tell you about the teacher, Peggy: This may be embarrassing for her, for she will never say these things to you. It took years to make her consciousness clear. Spirit did not give her anything that she could not absorb. In other words, we knew her tolerance levels. The difficulties that she experienced has an expression: “Iron sharpens iron.” The blacksmith who pounds the iron with his iron hammer, is shaping the iron that he pounds. The one who must make the knife sharp uses iron to sharpen the knife. Therefore, the expression iron sharpens iron is that the knife sharpens the knife.

Peggy is the one who elected to become the clear channel. She elected to have these things happen to her so that by the time you were exposed to her work, she was very sharp. Listen to this: This is the process that prophets go through. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen because someone has a message from God overnight. For channeling requires that the Human Being be clear. Otherwise, the message is diffused. So I start my brief teaching to you about EMF.

FOR THE FUTURE: Understand that this work is given in a sacred way, in the same way holy scriptures are given and have been given on this planet. The information is to be treated in the same way you would treat scripture. Give reverence to the processes, and don’t change the words, for these are sacred energies given from the same source that is giving you this message.

Here’s something you have to know. There’ll come a time when all of you pass over. So the message I give you now is not one of sadness, but of simply reality. Human Beings don’t last that long. So, with the passage of time, also will pass the teacher, Peggy. Here are your instructions when she is gone: Let no one add onto this work after her passing. It would be easy for Human Beings to say, “Well, she is gone and I know a lot. I sat under her as a teacher. I’ll continue her work.” That is not correct. Do not add to this work after her passing. Other works will be presented at another level as another dispensation of the planet is developed. But this teaching will stand alone and will be complete from the teacher, Peggy. That is why these words need to be seen and they need to be published. For there’ll come a time when there are those who wish to do this very thing – add onto her work. So the instructions from Spirit are clear that this should not be done.

FOR THE EMF PRACTITIONER: I have instructions for the EMF practitioner… not many instructions, but very basic ones. This message needs to be seen. It needs to be written down. It is time we spoke of this EMF work.

The laser is pure. There is no diffusion in it as it travels along. Let no Human Being add information to the lessons. When you read Scripture in history, do you say to yourself, “Well, it wasn’t phrased properly. I could do better”? Would you take the words of Abraham and rewrite them for your pleasure or worse… your own work? Here is a prophet who lived 175 years. Would you take his words and rearrange them so they sounded better for you? No. For you see them as sacred, from God. It is history. Don’t change it. It is time you did the same with the teachings of the steward, Peggy. Let no Human Being add unto these things that she has given, for it will diffuse the laser. This is important.

There are many of you who are receiving good messages from Spirit. Humanity is very prepared in this new consciousness to receive messages from Spirit. In the future, there will be those who receive messages from Spirit and it will seem as though the messages say to alter this EMF work. So I will give you an axiom1… an admonition2: Hear this now: God will never give any Human Being on this planet—ever—a message to alter this work. So if you are reading these words and you are one of those who have received such a message, understand that the message has a different interpretation for you. It has taken far too long to develop this laser, for you to change it. Therefore, see EMF as a sacred trust. That was the first axiom for the practitioner.

Here’s the second admonition for the practitioner. Do not combine this work with any other. If you are able to teach another work, teach it separately. Perform it separately. It may seem like a good idea to some Human Beings to combine the best with the best. Indeed, they may actually be in love with other processes as well. So in their thinking process they would say, “Let us combine them, for it will be even more powerful.” It won’t. For it diffuses the laser, you see? Perform these energetic techniques separately. Do not mix and match energies because you feel it might be better. It won’t. There is nothing wrong with a Human Being doing many energy techniques, or kinds of healings, or many kinds of teachings. However, honor the sacredness in which each one was developed. There are other energies that are sacred too. Do not combine them, ever, for each is like the laser.

The third admonition may seem harsh, but it needs to be said, not for this room, but for those who will hear and those who will read these instructions in the future. Humans have free choice to think as they wish, and Spirit honors this. If you ever feel that this work is wrong or inappropriate for you, or if you are one to ever have personal path information that questions if you are to do it, then stop doing it! Cease this work completely. For it is so powerful, that to give it out of integrity can actually hurt a Human Being. If you don’t believe it, don’t teach it. Don’t hang around and diffuse it for those around you. Move on in your path and speak of the things that work in your life, not the things that don’t work. This is your way of respecting this work and the others who are compassionate about it.

Now, here’s a message for all of you and especially for the prophet in the room. This needs to be said. As we have mentioned, this work is sacred. There is not one Human Being on this planet who can damage it. If they were ten thousand strong, they could not damage it. Look at the words of the prophets and how long they have lasted on this earth. For the truth is the truth. When you strike a light in a dark room, no matter how many people say that it doesn’t exist, it will not change the fact that it illuminates the whole room. It’s like the love of God. It shines in your hearts no matter what. There would be those who would campaign against the love of God. They are ones who cannot see light or illumination, but it doesn’t change the love at all, for the room. Not one Human Being can damage this work. It may seem that way, but is not so. For the purity of it will shine in the dark, and there can be no denial of light.

Finally, I will say this: If there are those reading this who truly do not choose to obey these things; if they feel they have a message from God to change these things, here are instructions for them: If you choose to do this, you’d better go through at least ten years of iron sharpening iron before you ever open your book to teach anywhere. For sacred teaching requires a clear teacher, and the messages are sacred and they take a long time to develop. These things often take prophets to develop them, and that is not a casual or short-term attribute of learning. Over time, you will see the wisdom of what we say here, and you won’t alter this work.

These are the admonitions that I wish to give you surrounding this sacred EMF work. Let this message itself never be altered past the point in which my partner is able to do it in transcription. For when these things are transcribed to the written word, I alter them for clarity. Only one Human has the ability to do that, and that is my partner who is giving the message. He has now done it, and this message is complete.

It is complete.

It is complete.

It is complete.

These are the words that needed to be said now. Given in love this message is… a message that needed to be given for a very long time. This message itself is sacred. Don’t alter it. Blessed are the Humans in this room who have come to hear it in person, for you will not forget it. This day, Spirit honored you and washed your feet.

And so it is.


1. Axiom:
A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
2. Admonition:
Authoritative counsel.