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Your Personal Connection to the Cosmic Lattice!

by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

An excerpt from Chapter Three of Elegant Empowerment – Evolution of Consciousness.

Introducing the Universal Calibration Lattice® – An Inter-Dimensional Web

Human consciousness is evolving and that evolution is reflected within our energy anatomy. The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), a system within the energy anatomy, is radiating from the very core of our being. Elegant Empowerment is the first book written about the UCL and its relationship to the EMF Balancing Technique, a human to human form of energy work practiced in over 60 countries. It is a reference book filled with scientific information and theories to support the existence of the UCL and the benefits of the EMF Balancing Technique. This cutting edge book is sure to increase your understanding of your electromagnetic nature.

The Universal Calibration Lattice is each individual’s personal connection to the unlimited universal energy source (Cosmic Lattice). Its existence is much like an electrical transformer, increasing our ability to make use of the unlimited energy, by transferring energy from one circuit to another. This is why we often refer to this process as the “rewiring for the new energy.” It allows us to receive and use the energy we are learning to release from the Cosmic Lattice and from within ourselves. An important note – the Cosmic Lattice does not exist only in some far away or exotic place. It permeates our very existence, right down to the cellular level, and beyond, into our subatomic energy field.

I had the honor of contributing a chapter about the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) to Kryon Book VII, Letters From Home. People from around the world have responded to this chapter with reports of powerful experiences of recognition. As you read the information here, and study the illustration, be aware that you may feel or sense an electrical “charge,” or buzzing. This is a vibrational energy moving through you as you resonate with the information. Perhaps you may simply have a strong intuitive feeling that you somehow “recognize” the UCL, and know that it makes perfect sense to you on a cellular level. Even if there is no “buzz” and you feel nothing, the pure intellectual concept may stimulate new understanding, and that too is energy movement. Consider that understanding this material will assist you to hold a more powerful energetic posture, one that contributes to a reality of elegant empowerment.

There are many wonderful abilities to develop as you strengthen your connection to the unlimited source of energy. The Celestine Prophecy proposed that that we no longer need to acquire energy from anyone else – we can have all we need by recognizing and strengthening our own connection to the unlimited source. What a relief! Think of all the games we no longer need to play and think of all the energy that can become available to you simply because you choose to no longer play these games. What would you do with all that energy? Be assured that a deep sense of personal freedom can be developed in this new paradigm.

The energy pattern of the UCL is universal; its form and structure are basically the same for each individual human. Its primary purpose is to hold the greater electrical charge available to us as evolving humans. The UCL enhances the evolution of the individual. The beautiful paradox here is that this structure also enhances the connection to the Oneness of all being. The new reality we are creating celebrates the strength of the individual and the beauty of the connection of all, regardless of culture. This will not be an easy concept for some to accept. It is up to those of us who understand this oneness/uniqueness to practice living its consciousness.

When you gain a basic understanding of how the UCL works, you realize you are communicating with the universe and with one another all the time. If you want to excel at communicating on a universal level, become familiar with this part of yourself. We have all heard bits of wisdom such as, “thoughts are things,” or “you are what you think,” or “say what you mean and mean what you say.” These adages are all the more important when you realize just how far these messages are traveling, and what an integral part they play in the creation of everyday reality. Learning how to say what you mean and mean what you say is not a mystery. You can develop this skill through practicing clear communication with yourself and others every day, even if you never say a word! You are a part of the universe simply by virtue of your existence. You can always strengthen your connection to it through prayer, meditation, energy work or intent. Now, by working with awareness of the UCL, you have an additional means to strengthen this connection. The connection becomes stronger the more you use it, in much the same way you strengthen the muscles of your physical body with repeated exercise.

It is important first to understand the concept of the human energy anatomy itself. Its existence can be predicted or implied by the electromagnetic laws of physics. Just as the physical anatomy is composed of many systems – muscular, skeletal, and endocrine, among others – we can also predict that the energy anatomy is also composed of many systems. One of these may be the chakra system, well known in ancient spiritual and metaphysical texts. The mental, etheric and emotional bodies are also systems in the human energy anatomy, well documented by many modern day spiritual thinkers. In this book, I present to you some of the knowledge I have gained through over 15 years years of intense work and documentation working directly with the Universal Calibration Lattice. This knowledge I am sharing is a combination of research, personal and intuitive exploration and direct hands-on experimentation with this system and its intimate connection within our energetic bodies.

The outer strands of the UCL are like an extension of the sympathetic nervous system. When you learn how to express feeling and intent through these strands, you clarify and amplify your communication with the universal energy source.

The UCL creates a personal resonance with the Cosmic Lattice to fully empower your co-creative process. The resulting vibration within the Cosmic Lattice can now respond profoundly and intimately to you. Don’t limit your relationship with the universe; make it as deep and loving as you want. Don’t stop until every cell of your being holds its full charge. We are invited to participate in the cosmic scheme of things in a way that only the Masters before us have accomplished. We honor these Masters when we roll up our sleeves and say, “me too.” Each one of us is a master in the making; we are learning in our lives here on Earth how to develop and refine our mastery. Each one of us is also soul, and we are learning how to embody that aspect of Self as well. In our oneness with the all, we are co-creating our mastery.

Until now, the path of the spiritual seeker has been vertical; we have reached upward to our Higher Self, the God Self. And recently, a resurgence in the indigenous teachings directs us to reconnect with the very ground beneath our feet, to honor the life-giving force of Mother Earth. These vertical energy movements were appropriate in the energy dynamics of the time. However, now is a time for us to mature into a more powerful spiritual enablement. This evolution involves a horizontal spiritual movement – honoring and recognizing the sacred nature of the here and now which exists in every direction around us – not just above us or below us! We are able to use and practice that maturity within the horizontal existence of duality. I believe the existence of duality can even be fun. As you look at the illustration of the UCL you will observe the horizontal fibers forming figure eight patterns that connect the chakras to the long informational fibers of the Universal Calibration Lattice. As you exercise and strengthen these horizontal fibers, you will increase your co-creative ability. This is our spiritual path in the new energy. Now, we come to realize that home is right where we are. We can create heaven on earth, enabled with the opportunity to build the framework with joy.

There is much more to this structure, but for now let us master the basic understanding…

In the Energy of Love,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro
As published in EVOLVE! Magazine – October 2005