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Co-Creating Your Most Enlightened Life

An energetic point of view…
by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Who are you?

Who are you … to think … that you can change?

Who are you … to think that you can change … your world?

I have had the privilege of asking these three questions in front of large groups of people in many different cultures. I always ask the questions with great respect for everyone in the audience. All over the world, the response is the same – a wave of energy creating a figure eight pattern, encouraging the listeners to delve even more deeply within themselves, to a place of stillness that goes beyond words. Before each listener reaches their place of stillness, their consciousness moves through the layers of their reality on the figure eight wave. People have often commented to me that many times they are surprised at their own thoughts and reactions! You can ask yourself these questions during quiet moments to create an energetic posture of self introspection.

Many of us believe that we have the capability to make a difference in the world. There is another question often asked “If you want to change the world, where do you begin?” The traditional answer to this question is you begin with yourself. However, a curious thing happens when you begin to change yourself. You influence the world around you, and a figure eight pattern of energy appears again. The world around you responds and also begins to change. The figure eight pattern continues, and we are able to manifest a new degree of change. At some moment in this process the boundary of who or what is initiating the change begins to blur and what manifests is the desire to continue to participate even more. This is a most delicious way to embrace life!

Some of you may think it will take a miracle to change your world. I’d like to share a perception from my husband Stephen. There is no requirement for anyone to wait for a miracle to happen in order for their world to change … The greatest miracle in your life has already happened, and it is you … You are the miracle!! As you become more conscious of your true nature – that you are a miraculous being who plays a significant role in creating your reality, you may become more comfortable with the fact that change is inevitable.

I appeal to you as a conscious co-creator of your reality to consider the following proposal: as human beings we have demonstrated our ability to embrace change under the most challenging of all circumstances. The history of humanity is full of sorrow, pain, and suffering. We have become Masters at embracing pain. As we co create a new paradigm for our personal evolution, let us agree to make a consistent effort to embrace change in an atmosphere of inclusiveness, love, joy, and happiness.
Let us learn to become Masters at embracing joy!

Try this as an exercise, or a meditation: Ask yourself the three questions. Say them aloud and listen to the tone and inflection of your voice. Ask each question three times, each time with the emphasis on a different word. For example, Who am I? ... Who am I? ... Who am I? ... Who am I to think, etc. When you ask yourself these questions, observe what you sense, feel, imagine, or think about. If you like to keep a journal, record the date and the life lesson you are in at the moment. A gentle reminder: all of life is a lesson and the lessons can joyful!

May we suggest:

Who are you?
... I am a human being with free will.

Who are you to think that you can change?
... Every day, I make choices that hold the potential for change.

Who are you to think that you can change your world?
... I am a human being who is a part of the known universe. My very existence influences the world around me.

Stephen and Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Some ideas to ponder …

Who am I to think that I cannot change? How much love and happiness am I willing to give? How much love and happiness am I willing to receive? What is the nature of the figure eight pattern of energy that I am creating?

Parting thoughts …

There are scientific principles concerning the interconnectedness of all things, and the mutual influence that all events have upon one another. Let’s not wait for scientific proof that we are responsible, capable human beings. Let’s act as if we are! And if we haven’t already begun, let’s begin right here, right now.

From the Phoenix energy within me, to the Phoenix energy within you, let us also agree to practice mindful, responsible change, every day in our lives. Even the smallest and most subtle of changes will influence our future and that of the world.

In the Energy of Love,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro